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The Capture of JOHN D. LEE 1874-1875
by Verne R. Lee

A Short History of Lee's Panguitch
by Scott Lee Norton

Some Thoughts on John D. Lee as Scapegoat
by Paul S. Furr Ph.d with Verne R. Lee

The Lead Lee Scrolls

The Last Words of John D. Lee
Spoken at his execution for the
Mountain Meadows Massacre -March 23, 1877

After the "Confessions" were written
After the "Confessions" were written Lee dictated a supplemental statement about his part in the massacre.

Excerpts from John D Lee's "Confession"
"Dictated to stenographers, and delivered to William, W. Bishop, attourney for Lee, with a request that the same be published." This was dictated March 13-16, 1877, after the close of the 2nd trial when Lee was convicted.

This only contains the matierial relating to the massacre itself.